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Keiv-Plus Group(PTY)Limited supplies a wide range of lubricants, car parts and industrial Chemicals.
We have built strategic partnerships with international and regional chemicals, lubricants manufacturers.

Industrial Chemicals

Caustic Soda Flake, Caustic Lye, Calcium Hypochloride granular tablets, Calcium Hypochloride 68%, Soda Ash Dense & Light

Industrial Lubricants & Solvents

Open Gears, Lubrene Greases, Bechem Lubrication, Kluber Lubrication, Castrol Lubricants

Other Products

Water Filters, Conveyor Belts and Accessories, Pumps and Accessories, Car Parts, Laboratory Equipment

After Sales and Field Services

A technical after sales service is fully included when our range of products are purchased. This service is done by our service team which consists of technical field technician. This service will include:

  • - Inspection of equipment where product is being used, temperatures will be taken with infra red thermometers, strobes for gear inspections etc
  • - Automatic lubrication check for both mechanical and electrical faults
  • Advice on fine tuning the systems to use optimum volume of lubricants
  • - Monthly reports containing lubrication consumption, gear inspection & conditions, and general recommendations
  • - Vibration analysis, limited analysis of critical points included in the monthly report if required, also a full vibration analysis before and after change-over
  • - Half yearly gear mould for the first two years then once yearly