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Infection Control; surgical masks with loops, Condoms, Cotton Wool, Gauze/Wooven, Gauze Roll, Conforming Bandage, Alcohol Prep Swab, Crepe Bandage, Abdominal Swab


Umbilical Catheter, Thoracic Catheter, Penil Sheath, Suction Catheter without control, Suction Catheter with control, Nelaton Catheter, Two Way all silicone Foley Catheter, Two Way silicone coated catheter, Three way silicone coated catheter, Male Circumcision Kit


Littman-Lightweight ii S.E Stethoscope, Littman-Classic ii S.E Stethoscope, Littman Master Cardiology Stethoscope, Littman Cardiology Soft touch Chest-piece (S.T.C) Stethoscope, Littman Classic ii Pedeatric and infant Stethoscope


Hypodermic Needles, Spinal Needle –Pencil Point, Spinal Needle-Quincke Bevel Tip, Butterfly Needle (scalp vein)


Oxygen Tubic PVC, Bubble Tubbing

Surgery / Wound Care

Double Edged Razor, Mono Med Razor, Suction Tip Midi/Min, Suction Nosel, Silicone Drain Sheets, Penrose Drains, Pencil Drain, Alcohol Prep Swab

Infusion Control

Spinal/CVP Manometer, Buretrol-Gravity Driven, Three Way Stop Cock, Gravity IV Administration Sets

Nasogastric Tubes

Salem Sump Drain, Levins Tubes, Ryles Tubes, Feeding Tube

Blood Management

Blood Controls, Blood Collection Tubes(Vaccutainers), Three Way Stop Cock, Blood Bags, IV Cannula Straight, IV Cannula without port, IV Cannula with injection port and wings


Super care Nitrile Powder Free, Maxitex Duplex Powder Free, Maxitex Neuro Free, NuzoneX2, Sensiflex Plus Powder Free, Super care Latex Powdered


Oxygen Tubing PVC, Bubble Tubing, Silicone Tubing, Oral/Nasal Caffed, Nasal Preformed Caffed, Nasal Preformed UnCaffed, Preformed Oral Tube Cuffed, Preformed Oral Tube UnCuffed, Oral/Nasal Tube Uncaffed, Salem Sump Drain, Mucus Extractor, Levins Tube, Ryles Tube, Feeding Tube

Medical Devices

Scissors, Safe Male Circumcission Kit, Wheel Chairs

Medical Gases

Compressed Air, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, Refrigerated Liquid, Oxygen Mixture, Nitrogen, Refrigerated Liquid, Nitrous Oxide, Mixture, Oxygen Cylinders

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Hospital Furniture

Hospital Beds, Bedside Cabinets, Screen devider, Surgeon Stool, Examination Table, Trolley, Mobile Drip Stand, Corpse Transport

Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Blood Analyzer, Chemistry analyzers, Haematology Analyzers, Urinalysis Systems, Blood Culture Systems

Laboratory Equipment and Consumables

Vaccutainers, Blood Bags, Urine Strips, Diagnostic Kits, Reagents, Medical and Laboratory Fridges, Vortex Mixers, Cell Washer, Water Bath, Bio Safety Cabinets


Oxygen Mask with Venturi/Mulitivent Mask, Oxygen Mask, Oxygen Cannula, Nebuliser Mask Set


Avacare Luer Lock Tip Syringe, Bulb Syringe, Avacare Luer Slip Syringe